Venue Layout & PA Specifications

Crown Live is a renowned live venue in the Southeast, with 2 separate venues within the one venue, you will find quirky, intimate acts right through to Ireland’s leading acts.

The House PA is  L’Acoustics Consisting of:

  • 4 X ARCS Wide
  • 4 X SB18 Subs
  • 1 X L’Acoustics la 8 Digital Amp

 The Room Fills are also L’Acoustic.

  •  4 X XTI8
  •  1 X L’Acoustics LA 4x Digital Amp.

Front of House Console is Midas M32 with Midas dl 32 Stagebox.

On stage equipment:

  • 8 X Sure SM58
  • 7 X Sure SM57
  • 1 X AKG D112 (Drums)
  • 4 X AKG C418 (Drums)
  • 8 X Klotz D 10 Passive DI
  • 18 X Assorted K&M Mic Stands
  • 4 X Dynacord AXM 12 A monitors.


Lighting Control  Chamsys Magicq on a touchscreen

  •  1 X Chauvet DMX Buffer
  •  4 X Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255IRC
  •  4 X Elumen8 Kudos Cm150
  •  6 X Hex 10 LED Par.

 1 X Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4d

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